To mark and remember special moments in life, there’s nothing more enduring than a beautiful portrait. Whether it’s an individual or whole family, the key attributes of professional portraiture are lighting and posing. With many years of experience, I create images that bring out the character and best features of my sitters.

A relaxed and friendly atmosphere is ensured because I come to you. The photography is either in and around your home or at an appropriate outdoor location, so you have a very individual set of photographs and a bit of fun in the process. You’ll have none of the stress of getting everyone together, transporting them to a studio and finding a parking space.

How does it work? Just give me a call and we can have a little chat about what sort of style you want, how or where you will use the pictures and who they are for. I can then advise on how we will go about it and the best sorts of clothes to wear etc. We’ll pick a date that suits you and I’ll come along in good time to see your location and plan the shoot before we start. If you wish, I can also help you choose where you will hang the photographs and what type of finish will be most effective.

Then I take the images back to process, colour balance and titivate them to suit your requirements. If possible, I’ll try to bring the finished images back to you personally, for selection of your favourites, or put them online for you to peruse at your leisure.

After you have ordered the finished prints you would like, whether they’re framed, acrylic or canvas wall prints, framed prints for your desk or luxury albums I’ll get them back to you in about 10 days.

You probably don’t have portraits taken too often, so why not have a fun experience and let’s make some really beautiful images.