The main reasons for having a portrait are usually to mark a special occasion or moment in life or to make a special gift for a friend or loved one. Here, we have a variety of finished results that suit different requirements.

For the wall
A wall portrait will enhance any room and constantly bring you warm feelings every time you see it. You can have virtually any shape or size, or even a multi-image combo, and it can be finished in a wide variety of ways. A matt watercolour paper gives a soft and reflection-free look, but a high gloss finish can give an image a bit of ‘edge’ and sparkle. It can be mounted on aluminium and hung with invisible ‘stand-offs’ that mean it looks like it’s sort of floating in front of the wall. Alternatively, the image can be bonded to the back of acrylic to give a very sharp, contemporary look. There’s also the ever popular canvas wrap, where the image is printed on artist’s canvas and stretched over a deep frame. Of course, we can supply a variety of framed prints with superb mounts, that give a picture presence.  

Canvas Wraps

Acrylic mounts

Dibond mount

For the Desk or Coffee Table

A wide variety of beautiful items are available to enhance a desk, bedside table, or coffee table. These include a Folio Box containing a selection of your images, Framed prints, mini Canvas Wraps, Glacier Blocks, Coffee table albums etc